36 évesen úgy döntött a kétgyerekes anyuka, hogy saját kezébe veszi az életét, mutatjuk, hogyan néz ki ma, 42 évesen

Az ausztrál, Melbourneben élő anyuka 36 évesen korában döntött úgy, hogy még nem késő változtatni az életén. Joanne Peters harca az idővel és kilókkal sok mindenkinek adott erőt, mivel elképesztő eredményeket volt képes elérni úgy, hogy közben teljesértékű családanyaként és dolgozó nőként is funkcionált.

Joanne a harmincas éveiben súlyos depresszióval küzdött, ebben az időszak egészségtelenül élt, nem foglalkozott magával. Az anyuka elmondása szerint soha nem érezte még magát annyira önbizalomhiányosnak, mint abban az időben. A változás akkor indult el, amikor Joanne egyik ismerőse elkezdett edzeni. A nő ekkor döntött úgy, hogy ő is megváltoztatja az életét: elkezdett edzeni, helyesen táplálkozni és nem utolsósorban indított egy Instagramot is, ahol az egész átalakulását dokumentálta.

A 5kg fat loss was enough to turn my frown upside down. ? I often get asked for advice regarding fat loss and especially belly fat and I can only talk about my experience with this. As we get older, our bodies naturally want to store fat around the mid section and it is harder to lose. So many people tell me they are doing everything right but they can’t shift it. The body is a funny thing and if you push too hard too fast with fat loss it can have the opposite effect. Under eating and over exercising as well as lack of sleep can all impact fat loss. Anything that raises cortisol (stress hormone) too much can lead to storing fat. That is why you should aim to remove as many stressful things (including people) from your life. In terms of nutrition, what works for one will not necessarily work for all but everyone should aim to eat nutritious whole foods and eliminate as many processed and pre-packaged foods as possible. This is what we refer to as clean eating. What worked for me was focussing on eating lean protein, increasing green vegetables, eating healthy fats and replacing white starchy carbs for healthier options like sweet potato, brown rice and oats. I find that when I cut back on carbs I am much more likely to lose fat. I feel like a broken record when I talk about intermittent fasting but it was a game changer in that it was the tool that eliminated cravings for me and made fat loss easy. I won’t go into details here but eating all my meals from roughly 12-8pm gave my digestive system a break and got my body to use stored fat for energy. In terms of supplements, I find protein powder to be the one I can’t live without purely for convenience. When it comes to fat burners I won’t touch anything but natural ones like black coffee, green tea, chilli and cayenne pepper. Cardio can be great to aid nutrition in burning a few extra calories and fasted hiit cardio is preferable to me when not doing too much other strenuous exercise. I now however only do low intensity steady state cardio (walking) as I lift weights 5 times a week and I just want to help my body recover on my rest days rather than raise cortisol further. ?

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Az évek alatt Joanne egyre jobb formába került, évről évre jobban kezdte érezni magát, míg 42 éves korára elérte, hogy vékonyabb és izmosabb legyen, mint valaha:

It hit 37 degrees in Melbourne today and it was so nice to chill out with my bestie at her pool. I’m still getting my workouts in but I’ve realised that the shorter amount of time I actually spend in the gym, the more focussed I stay and the harder I go. In order to reduce the time, I’ve taken the abs component out of my workouts and do an abs circuit (below) at home 3-4 times a week instead. Today I was in and out of the gym in 1/2 an hour and I was very happy with the effort I put into my back workout. ?? – Abs circuit – 20 Ab bikes 20 Plank hip dips 20 V-ups 20 Russian twists 20 Straight leg raises 20 Cross crunches (10 each side) – I usually spend 10-15 mins on abs, resting briefly between each circuit as needed. ? – #fitover40 #girlswholift #abs #strongnotskinny #fitmom #melbourne #australia #summer #intermittentfasting #joseeksabs

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